Update: we have selected an artist! 😀 More to come soon. I’ll be keeping this under the conceptual Design report for record. I will be adding information about our selection process within the next couple weeks. 🙂

Hey Friends,

I am proud to announce that we have released the RFQ for the public art installation in the children’s park. You can find a copy of it here.

If you want to save a copy of the RFQ, you can click under the google doc, file–>download as–> word.  You can also save the file as a pdf.

We have already 50+ people interested in applying for the RFQ. Although the process might be grueling, it will be well worth the effort when we have an artist hired for the park!

The RFQ deadline is Dec. 18th, 2009. All applications must be received no later than 5:00pm.

Please email us at friendsoficp@gmail.com if you have any questions! Thanks for all your support!

PROJECT SUMMARY (taken from the RFQ)

The Friends of International Childrens Park (FICP) is seeking professional artist(s) to submit an application for an opportunity to design a public art piece to be installed in the redeveloped International Childrens Park, located on 7th Ave S. and S. Lane St. Through a collaborative community process, we plan on creating a public art piece that is compatible with the redesign of the park.

BACKGROUND (taken from the RFQ)

The International District has historically served as a hub of social and economic activity and gathering for the Asian/Pacific Islander community of Seattle and the Puget Sound Region. Currently, the neighborhood houses a wide array of restaurants, retail and historical buildings that cannot be found anywhere else in the city and state. While many people walk around the Chinatown/International District area for its unique resources, there is also a large population of new immigrant families, refugees and elders.

Within this context, the International Childrens Park was created in the late 1970s/early 1980s as a means to increase park space in the neighborhood, and is the only park in the International District dedicated as a children’s play area. The 0.2 acre park is a crucial open/green space in a dense, urban neighborhood.

Despite its initial intentions, the park is severely underused in recent years and is often home to illicit activities. There is a lack of visibility in the park and flexibility for programs. Furthermore, many of the park elements are either damaged, out dated or is lacking ADA access. The community has a need and desire for an open and green space that can offer opportunities for intergenerational and physical activities. The FICP was created to spearhead the redesign of the park. In November 2008 with the passing of Proposition 2 – Park and Green Space Levy, the International Children’s Park has received $500,000 to renovate the park. A final conceptual design has been created by a landscape architect in collaboration with community residents and stakeholders. As we enter the development phase of the park, we seek an artist(s) to work with the community, with the support of the FICP, in creating a project that can be a welcome addition to the park and well represents the history and character of the International Children’s Park.

The artist(s) will be working with several key community groups in the Chinatown/International District area. The Design Committee within the FICP will help provide resources, initial input and develop the concept of the design. The artist should also expect to work with other key players of the project and various groups of community members.

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