About the FICP

About the park:

The International Children’s Park was founded in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s to serve the C/ID community as an open/green space mainly for the community. Among the three parks in the neighborhood (Hing Hay Park, Kobe Terrace Park and the ICP), the ICP was the only park identified by the city as a park primarily for children to use. Although the park is only 0.2 acres in size, it is at a prime location for the community who live near the park. Near the Children’s Park are ID Village Square I and II, that are home to service facilities including health care, senior housing and assisted living; family housing, child care, a community center and a library; all within a two block radius from the park. As you can imagine, this park serves numerous assets in the neighborhood, families and elders; a wide array of potential users of the park.

There are several reasons to why the park is under-used:

1. safety: One of the top concerns expressed by the residents. The various visual barriers in the park encourages illicit activities and makes it difficult to see who is in the park.

2. projected development: With future housing developments happening in the C/ID neighborhood, it’s crucial the park is upgraded to meet the future needs of the community.

3. Access: There is a need for universal access and to upgrade the park to meet ADA standards.

4. Programming: With a more flexible design, the park can be bettered used as a resource for the various organizations and programs happening currently in the neighborhood.

5. Multi-generational use: Since the park’s creation, it has become clear that it’s not just children who use this park, but elders in the neighborhood has been identified as another important beneficiary of a redeveloped park with an inter-generational appeal.

Origins of the Friends of International Children’s Park:

The Friends of International Children’s Park (FICP) is a group of individuals and organizations committed to the improvement of the ICP. It was first started in the summer of 2007 with a grant to begin community outreach and planning for the redevelopment of the park. Since then, there was a design studio with students from a UW landscape architecture studio, further grants from the City of Seattle, and countless meetings with community stakeholders.

Currently, the FICP is made up of three committees:

Steering Committee: The Steering Committee consists of one or more point persons from each of the four subcommittees, facilitator and minute taker. The members of this committee help with the visioning and strategic planning of the overall renovation of the Children’s Park. Moreover, the Steering Committee also holds the authority in making crucial decisions in this project. This committee meets at least once monthly to oversee the progress of each subcommittee.

Design Committee: The Design committee consists of a group of individuals, professionals and amateurs whom work together to create the design scheme for the renovation of the Children’s Park. The design committee is also responsible for creating a rough estimate of the overall budget of this project. This committee meets often as necessary to add or make changes to the design scheme, preparing for the construction phase.

Fundraising Committee: The Fundraising committee works toward meeting the budget of the renovation project. The main objective of the fundraising committee is to gather resources, through application for grants and donations, and work out the financial aspect of the project. Currently they are trying to raise money for children’s play equipment, public art, landscaping and family programming. Please look at our “How to Donate” section to learn more about how you can donate to the FICP. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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